Maslows Hierarchy Of Motivation

Maslows Hierarchy Of Motivation

Many of us are familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A renowned researcher and psychologist, Maslow proposed a “hierarchy of needs” that demonstrates the human needs we are most motivated to satisfy. The base of the motivational order begins with the fundamentals of life. These fundamental, life-sustaining needs must be met before the higher needs can be targeted. When lower needs are not met, the higher needs become less urgent or persuaded.

• Self-actualization needs: realizing one’s own talents, gifts and potential
• Ego needs: respect, status and recognition
• Social needs: affection, companionship and inclusion
• Safety needs: protection from physical harm
• Physiological needs: food, sleep and safety

As the more basic needs are fulfilled, they lose their motivating power. We then have to work up the hierarchy and target needs in other areas. For example, if running water is something we take for granted, then a glass of tap water is unlikely to spur us on to action. Conversely, if we can’t meet this month’s rent, then we most likely are not thinking too much about fulfilling our self-actualization needs. As Sigmund Freud said, “A man with a toothache cannot be in love.” To motivate effectively, be sure you address your prospect’s lowest unmet need in the hierarchy and then offer opportunities for those needs to be met.

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Gentle Motivation vs. Brutal Force—The First Step to Motivating Others

The first place to start mastering motivation is within yourself. If you can’t motivate yourself, how are you going to motivate others? As this chapter unfolds, you will learn ways to motivate those people you are trying to persuade, but first you will learn how to apply these motivational skills to yourself. Before you begin, figure out what motivates you. You must first understand your own motives and desires before you can be motivated by someone else.

How to Persuade the Lazy Person—Fulfilling Needs and Wants

Motivation is based on the finding and fulfilling of unmet needs and wants. We all have universal human needs and wants that require fulfillment in the same way. Of course, we all have different needs and wants as well. Two of the major keys to motivation are knowing what a person’s needs and wants are and figuring out how to fulfill them.

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